77 arrested in connection to cross-Europe human trafficking gang

kosovo77 members of a criminal gang based out of Kosovo have been arrested during a crackdown on human trafficking in Europe.

European policing agency Europol confirmed announced yesterday that they had detained 77 individuals in connection to human trafficking following an investigation involving almost 400 officers.

According to reports the gang were responsible for smuggling hundreds of illegal immigrants into Western Europe via Hungary.

Although the majority of the gang were from Kosovo arrests were also made in Slovakia, Serbia, Germany, France and Austria. As well as individual arrests vehicles, false documents and over 50,000 Euros in cash was also obtained.

Police are now investigating connections the gang may have had to other groups operating throughout Europe.

News of the arrest comes as concerns were raised across Europe over the high level of illegal immigration from neighbouring regions. Ongoing conflicts in Africa and the Middle East have led to many families fleeing their homes in search of better lives in Europe.

According to European authorities many migrants are preyed on by criminal gangs, who exploit families and force them into unsafe travelling conditions, or into debt-bonded labour.


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