Italy moves towards Marijuana legalisation

italian senateItalian politicians have this week taken significant steps towards the legalisation of marijuana after members of government across the political spectrum voted in support of a bill that would legalise possession across the country.

The bill was introduced by veteran Senator Benedetto Della Vedova, of the liberal Reformers party, and received support from 60 politicians from both right and left groups.

The move to support the bill was labelled a ‘bipartisan victory’ for pro-legalisation campaigners.

According to Italian media the bill will now be passed into law during the current term unless it comes up against strong opposition, which is not expected.

In Italy marijuana use is already decriminalised. Although possession of larger amounts remains illegal typical offenders are charged with fines and non-criminal charges.

The recent news comes a month after the mayor of Turin became the first city mayor to vote in favour of legalisation of medical marijuana. According to some commentators Italy’s changing political stance on drug laws is indication of growing acceptance of marijuana use in the country.


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