Eurovision: Sweden to be represented by anti-gay singer

mansSwedish Eurovision-fans have this week chosen to be represented by a singer who has been branded as homophobic by some critics.

28 year old Swedish Idol star Mans Zelmerlow made headlines earlier this year after claiming that it “isn’t equally natural for men to want to sleep with one another”. He also went on to label homosexuality as an “abnormality” and also claimed that same-sex couples should appear as parents on Swedish television.

Zelmerlow however was later forced to apolagise for his comments. In a statement made shortly after the events the singer claimed that he had a great respect for all forms of love.

Despite the apology some critics are angry that Zelmerlow will represent their country.

“It is not in the spirit of the competition” claimed on twitter user. While another described it as “a great shame”.

Eurovision will take place in Vienna later this year. In 2014 the competition was won by Austrian trans singer and LGBT rights advocate Conchita Wurst in what many described as a positive step for LGBT representation in the mainstream.


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