Legal loophole means Ireland temporarily legalises drug possession

mdmaA legal loophole created in The Republic of Ireland earlier today has had the accidental effect of temporarily legalising all previously illegal drugs.

The loophole occurred after an Irish court ruled that legislation under the 1977 Misue of Drugs Act, which criminalises possession of certain substances, was against constitutional law. The ruling came after a man charged with possession of illegal drugs brought his case before a Dublin high court.

According to legal experts the courts decision has now made the previous legislation void, meaning that Irish citizens can no longer be charged for possession of drugs such as MDMA and magic mushrooms.

In response to the court ruling the Irish Government called an emergency meeting on Tuesday evening in which lawmakers are expected to push through new legislation to close the loophole.

Although the unexpected situation has caused widespread excitement among many Irish law experts are predicting that new legislation will re-criminalise the possession of illicit subject by Thursday morning.


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