British police held 16-year old for two days without food or water

Metropolitan Police Service Celebrates 175th AnniversaryA special report has revealed that a 16-year-old was held by British police for 44 hours without food or water.

The unnamed female was said to have been held in by Nottinghamshire Police under British mental health legislation. Police claim that she was offered food and drink throughout her custody, but declined.

An investigation by the British Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) revealed that there were significant flaws the Police’s ability to deal with child protection cases, and that some cases had led to minors being unnecessarily held.

As well as this more serious case the report has indicated a significant lack of understanding in dealing with highly sensitive cases, such as domestic and sexual abuse involving children.

The report also claimed that the correct procedure in dealing with children in these cases is lacking and has led to similar worrying issues.

Zoe Billingham, a representative from HMIC, claimed that her department were significantly concerned with the detention of children for their own safety, as well as the detention of children under mental health legislation. An ongoing investigation into the case of the 16-year-old girl is currently underway.

According to early findings the girl was offered food and drink, but refused either. Police also claim that medical staff had assessed her general health and recommended further mental health assistance.

The findings of these reports have led to many being critical of the way police in Britain operate. Several police groups claim that they are underfunded and lack the appropriate training to deal with cases such as this. According to some, cuts to public sector funding are a leading factor in the lack of police training and efficiency.


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