Turkish trade union pledges 12,000 members to rebuild Kobanê 

diskThe Confederation of Progressive Trade Unions of Turkey (DISK) has publicly stated that 12,000 of their members have pledged willingness to work in the rebuilding of the Kurdish town of Kobanê.

The majority Kurdish town, which lies close to the Syrian-Turkish border, was heavily damaged in recent fighting between Islamic State militants and Kurdish forces. The town became famous in 2014 after Islamic militants began an assault on the town that left many dead.

On January 26th 2015 Kurdish fighters from YPG/YPJ forces declared the town liberated from Islamic militants after a lengthy siege which eventually ended in Islamic State forces retreating.

Shortly after the town was declared liberated Kurdish forces reported the widespread damage of Kobanê, which included an almost complete destruction of the town’s public infrastructure.

In a public statement made late last week representatives from DISK claimed that over 12,000 members had pledged to help rebuild the town in an act of solidarity with the Kurdish people.

“We will take an appropriate part in the reconstruction of Kobanê carried by the winds of revolution which are blowing from Rojava” said regional representative Serdar Ekingen, in reference to the Kurdish Autonomous region of Western Syria in which many revolutionary Kurds are based.

DISK are one of the largest trade union groups in Turkey and historic roots in anti-establishment politics.

After a 12 year ban that started in 1980 the group reformed. Although the confederation avoids associating with one particular party many of its members identify as radical-leftist and pro-Kurdish. The move to support Kobanê is being seen as an important act of support for leftist Kurds in the region.


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