Ukraine parliament votes down ‘gay propaganda’ bill

ukraine parliamentThe parliament of Ukraine have voted to throw out a Russian-style ‘gay propaganda’ bill that was proposed with the support of religious groups in 2012.

The original bill, which was passed by parliamentarians, was designed to bring Ukrainian law closer to that of neighbouring Russia. The bill however was frozen after diplomatic relations between the two nations broke down.

Following a parliamentary vote held earlier this week members voted unanimously to scrap the bill, choosing not to follow Russia’s lead. The bill was later described as ‘no longer relevant’ by key individuals.

News of the bill failing comes shortly after Ukrainian parliament members labelled Russia as an ‘aggressor state’.

Ukraine is not the only country that has considered anti-LGBT laws in line with Russian policy. Several countries within Russia’s sphere of influence, including Armenia, Kazakhstan and Belarus have also considered passing similar laws. In 2014 Kyrgyzstan outlawed LGBT-rights groups and the promotion of ‘non-traditional’ lifestyles after passing a bill modelled on Russia’s own law. The decision was made after the nation made efforts to join the Russian-led Eurasian Economic Union.

Although the bill’s failure has thought to have upset several religious and pro-Russian groups many celebrated the news. LGBT activists in the country welcomed the decision, describing it as a step away from the homophobic ‘Russian world’.


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