Europe and gay adoption: one final taboo

Politicians in Portugal this week voted for the third time to block proposed legislation that would legalise adoption by same-sex couples in the country. Although gay marriage is legal in Portugal LGBT couples find it impossible to start a family without leaving the country.

News of Portugal’s decision comes shortly after Austria voted to allow same-sex couples to begin adoption.

Despite most European nations being progressive on many issues gay adoption is an area that exists at the frontier of LGBT politics. LGBT couples across Europe do not have the same freedom to start their own families that broader society benefits from. It seems that although LGBT people are widely accepted adoption remains a taboo that politicians are unwilling to tackle.

Below is a full breakdown of the the nations in Europe that allow gay adoption Europe

From this map we see a pretty solid divide between ‘Western Europe’ and the rest of the region. We also see a huge number of countries that may surprise some. Some of those considered the most progressive still do not allow LGBT adoption, making it impossible to draw parallels between general acceptance and legislation on these issues.


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