Russia to ban films that ‘defile’ Russian culture

cinema moscowRussian authorities have proposed a change in legislation that will outlaw films that ‘defile’ Russian culture or ‘threaten national unity’.

News of the proposal has led to several groups raising concerns that the potential laws could lead to censorship of controversial material. Gay rights groups in particular are concerned that the new laws may be used to suppress LGBTI expression in an already difficult environment.

The new laws, which are currently under review, have been criticised for using vague definitions that could be extended to outlaw several aspects of films. Similar criticisms were previously raised over the country’s controversial ‘gay propaganda’ laws which have already been used to limit the activities of much of the LGBT community.

“This could easily be another thinly-veiled attack on the LGBTI community”, one gay-rights activist told online publication Gay Star News.

News of the possible came shortly after Russian Culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky spoke out against the recent Oscar nomination of Russian-directed Leviathan.


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