Turkish journalist faces prison time for tweeting about corruption

Image by Hurryiet Daily
Image by Hurryiet Daily

A Turkish journalist and news host is currently facing up to five years prison time after a tweet about high-level corruption led to her arrest.

Sedef Kabas tweeted to her followers, telling them not to forget the name of a Turkish judge who in 2013 dropped a corruption probe case that involved several high-profile and former cabinet members of the Turkish government.

For the tweet Kabas was arrested and charged with making threats and targeting anti-terrorism authorities, a charge which could be punished with up to five years in prison.

In response to Kabas’ arrest several groups called upon authorities to drop charges. According to many the charges against Kabas are politically motivated and an attempt to silence anti-government voices.

Kabas was arrested on December 30th and was released this week after speaking before prosecutor. She now awaits a court decision, which is expected before the end of the month.

During her trial Kabas also told the court how her computer, mobile phone and tablet PC were confiscated by police.

“I believe in the rule of law. I believe there are still people who have faith in the rule of law”, Kabas told press following her release.


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