Bosnia encouraged to reconsider EU membership

bosnia europeGerman and British politicians have urged Bosnian leaders to reconsider joining the European Union after the country’s ascension process came to an end.

In 2014 Europe made efforts to support reforms in Bosnia and Herzegovina that aimed to set the country on a path to EU membership. Now, several months later, the nation’s leaders are being urged to reattempt those reforms.

According Bosnian news the reforms encouraged by Britain and Germany aimed to delay constitutional reforms that have previously led to a political stalemate between the country’s three main social groups.

Philip Hammond, British Foreign Secretary, claimed that the reforms would be in the country’s national interest and that joining the EU would encourage job growth in Bosnia.

Bosnia and Herzegovina previously made attempts to join the EU, but plans were halted after the political stalemate in 2014 led to no new government being formed after the October general election. The country currently lags behind its neighbours in the Balkans as the only nation not to officially apply for status as an EU candidate.


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