British group makes plans for world’s first school for LGBT students

LGBT Youth North West at last year’s Manchester Pride

A British LGBT charity have revealed plans to build the first ever specialist school for LGBT children

The proposal, designed by LGBT Youth North West, plans to establish a school in the city of Manchester with the capacity to teach 40 full-time, and 20 part-time students.

The charity have claimed that plans for the school were created as a response to homophobic and transphobic bullying seen in the nation’s school system. According to the group not enough is being done to protect LGBT youths.

“This is about saving lives”, claimed Amelia Lee, the group’s strategic director. Speaking to British newspaper The Guardian Lee stated, “in schools especially, bullying is still incredibly common and causes young people to feel isolated and alienated, which often leads to truanting (absence) and in the worst-case scenarios, to suicide.”

Although legislation in Britain protects LGBT individuals from discrimination many charity groups in the country claim that not enough is being done to protect young people. Across the country many schools report incidents of bullying towards LGBT young people and bullying is considered to be a leading contributor to LGBT suicide among young people.


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