Russia reverses decision to ban transgender people from driving

moscowRussian officials yesterday announced that the country would no longer take steps to ban transgender individuals from holding a driving license after a review of the proposed laws was deemed unfair.

The original proposal, made earlier this month, sought to ban trans people and those with other ‘mental disorders’ from holding driving licenses due to concerns over road safety.

News of the proposal caused widespread anger among many people, including a number of human rights groups who spoke out against the Russian decision. According to many groups the change in law was meant as an attack on Russia’s LGBT community.

Russian authorities however claimed that removing individuals from the roads would increase road safety. The decision was however reversed after a backlash from within Russia.

According to many opponents of the law transgender and transsexual individuals should not be considered to be hazardous in any way, and that an individual’s gender-identity cannot impact on their ability to drive.

Following a reassessment of the proposed laws Russian authorities now claim that trans individuals will not be affected by the law, but that people living with other ‘mental or behavioural disorders’ may still have their licenses removed.

Exact details are not yet known of which individuals will still be affected under the new law changes.


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