Lituanuia publishes ‘how to survive invasion’ manual amidst growing Russian tensions

Juozas Olekas: defence minister and bow tie enthusiast
Juozas Olekas: defence minister and bow tie enthusiast

The Baltic nation of Lithuania has this week announced plans to publish an official guidebook on how to act during an invasion situation following increasing fears of Russian military in the region.

According to reports the guidebook, which is being distributed by the Ministry of Defence, will feature advice on how to stay calm and safe during a military invasion. The book also teels citizens to use social media to organise themselves and advices Lithuanians to resist any foreign occupation with public demonstrations and ‘go-slow’ work protests.

The guide is being made freely available at all public libraries, and is also being distributed by the Ministry of Defence at public events.

Lithuania, along with Baltic neighbours Estonia and Latvia, gained independence from the Soviet Union in 1991 after which alliances with European powers and NATO were created. Rising tensions between Russia and European nations have led Baltic leaders to fear potential invasion from Russian forces.

“The examples of Georgia and Ukraine, which both lost a part of their territory, show us that we cannot rule out a similar situation here” claimed Lithuania’s Defence Minister Juozas Olekas, during a public statement made earlier this month.

News of the guidebook comes after reports that approximately 9,000 troops and 55 naval units were seen in the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad, which borders with Lithuania. Concerns have also been raised by a number of European leaders over Russia’s increased military presence in the Baltic sea.

Although many experts claim that Russian military in the area is simply a show of force by the Kremlin some are concerned that the potential for invasion is growing.


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