Rising anti-Islamic sentiment leaves Turkish-Germans living in fear

Image: Pegida
Image: Pegida

Rising anti-Muslim rhetoric seen across Europe has helped leave Turkish-Germans living in a climate of fear, according to a new report published by the BBC.

According to the BBC Turks living in Germany are suffering under increasingly common incidents of anti-Muslim views following the growing popularity of the Patriotic Europeans against Islamisation of the West (Pegida) movement.

The movement, which began last year in Germany, has been the host of several anti-immigration and anti-Islam rallies across Germany, including one held in Dresden where an estimated 18,000 attended.

Like many anti-immigration groups across Europe Pegida has called for politicians to close borders between nations and for local communities to reject the integration of minority groups. Pegida’s message also inspired the establishment of a similar group in France, who announced plans to host a rally in Paris against Islam in the country.

As a minority Turks in Germany are one of the largest across Europe. It is estimated that over 1.5 million Turks are living in the country.

However, despite Turkish groups living in the country for many years, integration has been a leading problem. Religious differences, as well as language and culture have made it difficult for many Turks to find acceptance in German society.

In addition the lack of integration and other issues have created social problems with have led to growing tension between Turks and ethnic-Germans.

Growing tension in the country has helped support far-right groups, including Pegida, who often blame immigrant communities on social problems seen in many towns.

However, the report by the BBC has revealed that the level of tension has increased sharply in recent months, leaving many Turkish communities to fear persecution and violence.

Growing fears across all German communities is said also to be a leading factor in many German-born Turks leaving the country for Turkey and other Middle-Eastern nations.


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