Poland predicts NATO action in Baltics following Russian military activity

A Russian ship intercepted by the British Navy in 2014 near the coast of Denmark
A Russian ship intercepted by the British Navy in 2014 near the coast of Denmark. Image by The Telegraph

A senior Polish politician has said he expects NATO to increase their military presence in Baltic Sea following increased activities by Russian military seen in the area last month.

Polish Defence Minister Tomasz Siemoniak told news agency Reuters that the activity seen by Russia was ‘unprecedented’ and that he predicted NATO forces to react with increased military presence.

According to numerous reports Russian warships as well as air forces were seen moving within the Baltic Sea. Experts claim that the increased Russian activity is meant as a show of force from the Kremlin, who wish to intimidate Europe.

News of the Siemoniak’s predictions comes after NATO sending additional air patrols to the area in response to Russia. The Minister however predicts that further escalation will see both sides sending more military to the area.

Siemoniak also stated that he felt that Europe should not consider lifting sanctions on Russia ‘too soon’ and that he expected conflict between Russia and Western powers to continue if a resoliution in Ukraine was not reached.

Although Russia’s intentions in the Baltics are thought by many to be non-violent the ongoing show of force has helped escalate tensions in the region to that of a Cold War level.


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