Russia bans trans individuals from driving

russian trafficRussia has this week added transgender people to a list of groups who will no longer qualify for driving licenses under a set of new laws.

Transgender Russians are now classified as a ‘mental disorder’ by Russian authorities and will no longer be allowed to apply for driving licenses in the future.

The decision has outraged many across the world, who see the decision as an act of homophobia by Russian authorities. The ruling was also criticised by many Russians, including members of the Rusian Psychiatric Association, who claim that the restrictions will force trans people into hiding their identities through fear of losing their license.

Many countries no longer treat being transgender as a psychological disorder, though many still treat various forms of gender dysphoria with psychiatric methods. According to leading authorities on psychology being transgender should not be considered an illness in any way.

The decision, despite being controversial, was not entirely condemned in Russia. The Professional Drivers Union of Russia came out to support the move stating: “[we] believe toughening medical requirements for applicants is fully justified.”

Several other ‘mental disorders’ were also added to the list, including compulsive gambling, exhibitionism and voyeurism.

Action is currently being taken by a number of human rights campaigners, who view the decision as an attempt to limit the rights of many Russian citizens.


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