“We do not do any work on LGBT citizens’ human rights” claims Turkey’s Ministry of Justice

Mahmut Tanal (Image: Bursa24)
Mahmut Tanal (Image: Bursa24)

The Turkish Ministry of Justice is coming under fire today after a leaked response from ministry staff claimed that the government body did not have any plans to work with Turkey’s LGBT population.

In response to an application for official data given by opposition party MP Mahmut Tanal officials stated “there is no work on the protection and recognition of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans citizens’ human rights conducted by our Ministry. For Ministry personnel at any level, including those working in local bodies, we have not implemented any work so far in order to raise awareness on the issue.”

The response was later passed on to LGBT groups, who have raised concerns over Turkey’s lack of action in LGBT+ issues. Human rights groups in Turkey claim that the government does not do enough to protect their LGBT population and that many LGBT citizens suffer from a lack of support. Authorities have also been accused of complacency in the lack of action shown.

Mahmut Tanal, a member of the opposition Republican People’s Party, discovered the information when submitting an official parliamentary enquiry to the Minister of Justice. Tanal, who is a member of the country’s human rights commission, has raised concerns that more needs to be done across all government departments to protect the rights of LGBT Turks.


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