Second French mosque attacked overnight

mapReports published this morning have confirmed that a second French mosque was attacked overnight in a suspected anti-Islamic assault in light of the recent terrorist attack that took place at the Charlie Hebdo offices yesterday in Paris.

Police confirmed that an investigation was underway after several shots were fired at a mosque in the Souther town of Narbonne. The attack took place shortly after evening prayers, however none were injured as the building was empty at the time.

News of the attack emerged after it was confirmed that another mosque in the town of Le Mans had been subject to an explosive attack that has also failed to injure any individuals.

Although the attacks are not thought to be coordinated in anyway they are both expected to have similar motivation, brought upon in light of the recent Charlie Hebdo attack.

Police also confirmed a third attack on a kebab shop in the eastern town of Villefranche-sur-Saone that may have been targeted at the local Muslim community. According to reports the kebab shop was close to a nearby mosque and was run by Muslims living in the area.

The attacks have raised concerns that anti-Muslim sentiment in France may lead to an escalation of violence in light of the recent attacks.

In response to the attacks in Paris Muslim leaders across France called for Muslims to join together in condemning the attacks.


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