Turkey: Gay inmates neglected basic human rights

200294162-001LGBT prisoners in Turkey are being refused some basic human rights it has been revealed, according to a report published earlier this week.

The news was discovered after gay inmates complained to members of the country’s opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) during a visit to one prison held in December.

According to prisoner reports gay inmates have been refused several of their human rights by prison authorities, including access to exercise, education and religious ceremonies. Prisoners reported that gay inmates were banned from taking part in Quran study because of their sexual orientation. Prisoners were also said to have been banned from using sporting facilities and taking part in certain prison work roles.

According to Turkish law inmates held in any facility must have all basic human needs catered for. As well as food, shelter and safety this list also includes access to religious facilities, exercise and the chance to work and learn while in prison.

News of the discrimination was apparently raised with politicians after recent unrest in a prison in Eskisehir was brought upon by alleged abuses by prison staff.

Although Turkish authorities did not comment on the claims of discrimination it is believed that no action has been taken.


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