Czech republic: Far-right party calls for ban on Muslim groups

Tomáš Vandas, leader of the DSSS
Tomáš Vandas, leader of the DSSS

Members of a Czech far-right political party, the Workers’ Party of Social Justice (DSSS), have today called for authorities to dissolve a number of Islamic organisations in the Czech Republic in reaction to a terrorist attack in Paris that left 12 dead.

The DSSS called upon the government to dissolve the Centre of Muslim Communities and the Muslim Association for what promoting what they call ‘an ideology of hate’.

In a statement issued today the minority Czech party called blamed the attack on French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo on multicultural European society which they claim has ‘enabled the expansion of the hateful Islamic ideology in Europe. The party’s statement was made just hours after news of the attack broke.

The anti-immigration party have been accused in the past of promoting racial bigotry because of their anti-Islamic sentiment. The party claims however that their policy against multiculturalism helps protect the interests of Czech society.

The DSSS are one of the first far-right parties to exploit the situation in France for their own political means, but are not expected to be the last. Within moments of news breaking many far-right politicians and groups quickly took to social media to express their support for victims of the attacks.

Many people across Europe have condemned the attacks, including a large number of leading Muslim voices. Concerns have been raised however that anti-Islamic sentiment resulting from the attacks may help to support far-right parties across Europe.


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