Europe’s humanitarian aid to Syria: Where did the money come from?

Ongoing civil war and the emergence of Islamic State militants have left a heavy burden on the people of Syria. With warring factions fighting for political sway and battles remaining across the country many people have fled the country, with an approximate 9 million Syrians now living as refugees.

The Syrian ‘crisis’, as labelled by much of the world media, has left thousands dead and millions in desperate need. The complex political situation and Syria’s placing in the geopolitical arena has meant that much of the help is channelled through in the form of humanitarian aid from wealthier nations.

Many European nations have stepped up, offering to house and support victims of the ongoing wars. But many other nations have been less generous in their offerings. Below is a run down of the humanitarian aid offered by Europe. How does your country measure up?

aid to Syria
Source: Eurostat / Echo (Via: Syrianrefugees.EU) Oct 2014.

Tom Ana is a charity worker and blogger from England with an interest in human rights and LGBT issues. He is the editor of Euroclash!. You can follow him on Twitter here!


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